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AME fight and defend you!

Can you help?

Since 1976, we faced the fury of the powerful in defense of true ecology, which brings together all the necessary ingredients to marriage of ethics and morality, striving for sustainable development with social justice.

1.We fight for maintaining the dam Pedro Beicht in Western Metropolitan Region (Cotia), where state and federal powers insisted on destroying part of the forest reserve Caucaia to build an airport, faced the fury government and AI-5, but won, ensuring water for five countries.

2.We opposed to the nuclear wave meant that, by agreement with Germany, wanted to plant several reactors between Peruibe (SP) and Angra dos Reis (RJ), this act reassures the lives of our descendants for hundreds or thousands of years.

3.We excluded from the puerile defense of the Amazon, requiring Integral Tipping the forest, still attached to the interests of economic groups.

4.We defended the natural rights of the constitutional rule of law against the State Parallel, intended, this, grab parts of the public space in favor of friends and associations managers condominiums.

5.We defended too  the idea that Brazil signed fulfill, in 76, with the UN Covenant of 26/12/66, and city-states to establish self-government, which sets up a really eco-city state by the Special Regime Administration to attract investment, develop the country, growing the fragile Brazilian GDP, only 1%.

All this has been and is being done for you! Now, there is no reason that AME had to sell their artistic heritage cultural = to continue these campaigns.


If you can help, do not play dumb. Call 11-4703-2636 - 4614-7828 or 9-7235-3005. URGENT NEED YOUR HELP!

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