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Where are the warriors bold, brave, courageous, whose life is guided in the pursuit of goodness, harmony, peace, civility,  morality and ethics? The moment is them entirely favorable to the youth calls, calls to the Fatherland.


The Illiterate Political

Bertolt Brecht

The worst illiterate is the political illiterate. He does not listen, does not speak, nor participates in political events. He does not know the cost of living, the price of beans, fish, flour, rental, shoe and remedy depend on political decisions.

The political illiterate is so stupid that is proud and greenhouse chest saying that he hates politics. Buster does not know that his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and worst of all the bad guys, which is the political crook, crook, corrupt and lackey of national companies and multinationals.


Why and what for?

It is not difficult to understand that Brazilian society faces a real apocalypse, so familiar as civil and political.



Families do not disintegrated yet, however, the way is open to constant attacks dissonant groups, both psychic and biophysiological. This fact appears in the constant action of activists impregnated by outdated ideologies or circumscribed the multitude of other variants.

Proposals and ideas of human devaluation find themselves on their way by unsuspecting or uncommitted to the essence of life, with the true ecology, and subsequent inheritance. Alleging modernity, meddle, ghostly in the social fabric, with daydreams of some sleepless night or even under mental orgies unhealthy etilict proportionate.



We are a nation or a state, but could not reach even the supremacy of constitute the Fatherland, the civic-moral meaning of the word, behold, we lack cause various elements forming the whole consciousness of prime consideration. Transforming a country is a fatherland fight giants metabolically formed with spirituality and impregnated the purest sense of brotherhood to achieve a peace anchored on social justice where meritocracy prevails, legitimizing rights and duties in strict equality.


Progress with Policy honest

The desired path both by women and by men, is to live within the limits of self-sufficiency, either as a worker or employee or in the field of cultural, artistic, scientific, technological or professional, provided that opportunities are equal for both genders.

The goal of progress is to share happiness, do not sell or enslave anyone for this achievement.

Ideologies confuse criticism of rudimentary that even uneducated, can not see other paradigms outside the limits of the conductors apotheoses dreams or unreachable.

Only legitimate work and fruitful, focused and disciplined, of course, has the effect of libertarian shackles of underdevelopment, because it points out the glow of the material and spiritual achievements.

Policy, conducted orientation to propagate the collective good, can guide the creatures to success ensuring communal harmony. For this policy is consistent with our transient passage through the planet, we must divide wealth wisely and capabilities allocation to real healthy existence.


Democracy with Eco

The democratic model incipient tends to be elected ecodemocratic, translated on voluntary participation of everyone within an organization rational, balanced and fair, so that the possibility of accession to administrative posts are delegated to all participants or not associations registered as political parties. This transformation will make the country a republic Fraternalista cemented bases family.


Values ​​and Supremacy

There is no absolute or just isolated uplifted by fortuitous circumstances, to surround themselves with legitimacy values ​​must be earned in the context of constant learning humility of true discipline, not overwhelm or demeaning human personality but brotherly teaches the cultural route, technical or technological and even scientific.

The Supremacy is the lavishness of well earned patiently through resignation and humility.

There will be no respect for values, ethics, understanding, brotherhood. This formulation is factual, or revive the concepts inherent in our simple earthly passage, or will mark steps in failure.


Geographic Divisions

Our being in Gaia (Earth), though fleeting, is full of markings and conventions, the demographic scale momentary. The composition (and acceptance) of the limits imposed, top-down, flatten the living hinders true ecopolitics and cultural. A review of current management models is imperative of modernity, because it does not produce the quality of life or happiness or social harmony by imposing brakes, systems or ideologies. The times have proven that these succumb in a short period because unreal, or backed only false economic dilemmas.


Social Groups

Since the beginning of civilization sought the living group solidarity, sadly tarnished in this century, behold, geographical or geopolitical divisions do not assume commitments aimed at the future of the short passage earthly; impregnate themselves, rather, palliative settings, tending to the domain some of all, when they are careless (or purposely forgotten) important sectors in the formation of character, civility, and even civility, factors essential to the generation of progress.



Break the institutional paradigms inherent to the rule of law will advance ecodemocraticaly, on the path to sustainability governance, demonstrating maturity ecopolitics as demonstrated by scholars and scientists who, leaning over the main anxieties Community opt permanently by spraying administrative reach the entire social fabric . This commitment, wisely studied and supported by the UN-United Nations, represents the first step towards the full achievement of all rights, responsibly, of course, such simplicity Pact December 26, 1966, which recognizes the power group on institutions, often skillfully handled by meetings of a political-party.


Inhabitants Transients

Certainly, our stage on the planet, is of several conjunctions and paradigms that may lie in this cohort spatial merely transient, which give importance also ephemeral. Here, among thousands of species, we reproduce ourselves spiritually and materially, behold, this amalgamation is intended to lead us in part among all of the same species with important and necessary transition depending plans for many unknown or entirely supplanted. The division of genres originates and stated duties and obligations in the social fabric, although conducted prudently and sparingly, for being male, between hits, ravings and omissions towards females.


Female Supreme Command

Would not be set, nor logical, defend the complete and total supremacy of one gender over another, nor the masculine over the feminine, or vice versa, which contradicts natural laws, scientific and historical. What is required, however, through this booklet is a modest rise of fellow women in executive positions in fields and cities, states, and federal, state enterprises or in multivariate mixed, and in particular, where they were able to prove with their tenacity and dedication, the fact salutary act with the wisdom of prophylactic honesty, something that has been lacking for many males, as evidenced daily.


Path of brotherhood

Female Revolutionary Movement does not seek any kind of friction or warmongering essential for social reform, but only a modest bid for the exact recognition of the female character in comparison to the male. While this falls eagerly in the field of absolute existential materialism, through circumstantial troubles when often debase themselves criminal acts, they nonetheless hold of life, mothers of civilization, messengers perennial concord, understanding and deeper respect for their peers, they know that their mission was planned by Cosmo, with which are suitable for the ecological continuity of the planet, walking meekly scale upward and throw flares to brotherly kindness mingled with the most honest conduct administrative restore peace with social justice. This hike will certainly avoid quarrels, disputes, as well as the political and administrative continuity armed only financial groups seeking to indulge themselves with funds collected by the federation with which design rich quick without caring about the damage and collective lack of means to meet the needs of all.


MRF in motion

The first step is dato; walking, however, is long, tiring, but shines on the understanding that our earthly companions find themselves prepared the way for the common good is established definitively in our cities, in our states and in the Brazilian federation . This march takes on a new type of guerrilla warfare, no pumps, no robberies, no collusion with truncated and outdated ideologies, which know unhappiness in the past, millions of creatures, destroying families and wasting geniuses, which could be currently engaged in the Order of Decency , Ethics, Respect, Civility and the Civility in productive sectors or research for health body of humanity.

We guerrilla goodness, morality, order, understanding and peace. We are a guerrilla incomparably superior to any other, warmongering, who has appeared or intend to appear in our country. We want education instead agreed, security firm and not covenanting with any type of crime, we want the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Aviation) in its place of origin, modernized instrumented civilly to protect the homeland. We first health world health with "H" enviable, not the pantomime that little teary watching and not investigating outbreaks of unhealthy environment that restrict human life, we want the agreement in administrative levels with basic reforms to excise corruption once alarming; we want an electoral law consistent with national needs, not only to reward political conspiracies generators darkest dosimetry corrupting that infelicita Brazilians; want the return of the sacred values ​​of the country, without which we will be making chaos, very conducive to foreign invested in our sacred soil; want the Truth believer without desires for revenge or hypocrisy to grow in various productive fields.


For all this, we are starting this journey. Participate actively to the fille REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT FEMALE, contact AME FOUNDATION GLOBAL ECOLOGY - or br or JORNAL VERDE MUNICIPALISTA -





In Memoriam:

Elisabetta Bonn

Giusepina Bacco

Victoria Sacilotto

Vitória Regina Paioli

Alice de Souza Amaral (Liloca),

MAF-Movimento de Arregimentação Feminino
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